Monday, February 14, 2011

Another option for a stained shirt

My girls just can't stay away from magic markers...of course the only magic is how set-in the stain can be!

Here's two cute cupcake tee shirts I made with just a little bit of leftover fabric scraps...

Pretty Pretty (expensive) Princess

My daughter will ONLY wear skirts.  No jeans, and to get her to wear pants is a struggle.  Plus she always wants to wear a different tutu to ballet class.  Great!  Tutus are surprisingly expensive.  And working with tulle is just not as easy as it looks. 
I used an only lace valence and you never guess what the waistband is...

Yup, that's the waistband cut out from her older brothers underpants!!! I just cut strips then tied them on!

Why by Shopping bags with THEIR logo...

Why is it that a store, say Kroger or Target for example, wants to CHARGE you for their own free advertising!  I hate to buy a $2.00 reusable shopping tote that basically is covered in Target's own logo, so I'm Paying to walk around advertising for them!
Besides, I have an endless supply of my own grocery bags, with writing I prefer....Tee-shirts!

These are so easy to make! And the only sewing is along the bottom!  Heck, you could do that by hand if you didn't have a machine.