Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Car Carrier Canopy to Dress!

A dear friend of mine just had twins (yippy!) She had given me the car carrier canopy which she had used for her daughter.  The canopy was primarily green.  One side was damansk-ish and the other was argyle with pink accents.  It was pretty much girly....but she asked me to just mend it a little and she intended to re-use it for one of the boys. 
Oh Please!  Like I'd ever let that happen! 
I made her two new coordinating canopies for the boys in a supercute vinatage cowboy fabric.  And was left with the 32 x 30 sqare from her old canopy. 
Now, whenever I give a gift to someone that has a second (or third or fourth...) baby, I always want to put in something for the older child too.  So Re-Used the canopy to make a supercute dress! 
And, since I whipped this up at the last minute (the boys were born at 35 weeks instead of the scheduled 37), I didn't have any lining I used one of hubby's old white button downs that had a frayed collar and worn sleeves. 

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