Thursday, March 17, 2011

Re-Purposed Funky Cowel Neck top

So, typically, my mom can be counted on for choosing nice clothes gifts for me.  Occassionally the size is off, but hey, she lives across the country and doesn't see me all the time! 
Well, about a year ago she'd gotten me clothing for my birthday which I loved everything....except this one funky cowl-neck top.  I just can't wear turtlenecks, and for me, cowl necks fall into that category.  It just makes me feel completely claustrophic. 
But, I love love loved the color fo this shirt and the fabric, which was like a really soft, luxurious knit. 

Oh for goodness sake!  The tags are even still on it! The top was also just super tight, and I just can't bring myself to show off all my curves (especially the unnatural ones!)
So, using the tutorial found here as my guide, I turned it into this:

Perhaps a little bit tighter than I would have wanted, but It'll work.  

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